Mieli coffee enthusiastai,

we are glad to finally be able to create our blog, which you can read (maybe even with a cup of coffee 😉) you will learn a lot of interesting things and tips about coffee, its properties and after a few times you will become a coffee expert yourself.

Well, the theme of today is storing coffee and preserving its quality. If Lapino Roaster is brewing coffee on your table - it has taken a long journey to reach your cup, but the journey is not over yet! Of course, during roasting, we ensure that only the highest coffee beans reach your home, but when you open the package coffee quality mustte take care ir You!


The biggest enemies of coffee are moisture, oxygen, heat and light. All of these factors can spoil the taste of coffee or make it even completely unsuitable for use. Our coffee sachets are specially designed so that none of these factors affect the quality of the coffee, but after opening the sachet, create the right atmosphere for the coffee so that it does not change its properties. So hold ją in an opaque, sealed container at room temperature (so that no air enters your tank). You can find the right container online or even at the grocery store, but we’re sure you’ll find a tight, opaque jar or container a little changed and in their closets.


Storing coffee is certainly not the only factor in the journey to the perfect cup of coffee. Of course, proper coffee preparation is also very important. You can find how to make coffee correctly in ways such as french press, chemex or aeropress on our website, in the section Our Coffee -> How to Make Coffee.

But we have one last piece of advice for you. The water temperature you select when making a cup of coffee should be not less than 90 and not more than 9degrees of heat. Temperatures below 90 degrees will not attract the full taste of coffee beans, and temperatures above 94 degrees will burn the coffee beans and not experience their true aroma.

Well, and after all these tips, you can already quietly enjoy the perfect cup of coffee with Lapino Roaster.