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LAPINO ROASTER - freshly roasted coffee beans in Kaunas

Lapino Roastery is a unique company located in Kaunas, which roasts beans from South America with hints of citrus fruits, as well as coffee beans grown in Brazil, which have a more subtle taste. We receive Brazilian coffee beans directly from the company's partner Garan Edwaldo from Brazil, and coffee beans from South America are supplied to us by the German company Neumann Kaffee Gruppe.

However, it is here, in the very heart of Kaunas, on Kaunakiemio Street, that the roasters Tomas and Vidas create the perfect product from green coffee beans - freshly roasted coffee beans.

preparation magic

This would not be possible without a coffee bean roaster - more precisely, the two roasters who use the magic of making coffee beans, roasting coffee beans evenly at low temperatures, thus revealing their rich taste and aroma.
But the magic of making coffee doesn't end there…

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Perfectly roasted coffee

Lapino Roaster is a roasted coffee made using beans from friendly growers and with a lot of work and love. All this allows us to reveal the best properties of our coffee. Its aroma.
Want to try? You can also buy roasted coffee in our online coffee shop.

Coffee packaging

The beans ready for sale are packaged and leave the roaster to meet you in town.
After all, conversations become much more sincere with a good cup of coffee.


High quality

Made with love