Wholesale program

Join our family The Lapino Roaster team, with the latest coffee roasting technology and a focus on roasting and grinding coffee beans, gives you the opportunity to experience the grandeur of a real Italian espresso coffee from a local roaster. We supply our products to the best restaurants, cafes, specialty stores, supermarkets and hotels. To find out more about the Lapino Roaster coffee experience for your customers or where you can taste it, contact our representatives, whose contacts are listed below.

Lapino Roastery strives to provide its wholesale customers with the knowledge and all the necessary tools to ensure a flawless espresso and drip coffee making process. During the training, we tell about the history of "Lapino roaster", our coffee and roasting philosophy, problems and give advice on how to clean and maintain your equipment. We also provide printed manuals that can be useful for both managers and baristas. Depending on your place of work and working hours, training can take place on an ongoing basis or when you need it.