Dear coffee enthusiast,

We, at Lapino Roaster, believe that love of coffee isn’t just about drinking it every morning or sharing it with friends. We believe that to really feel every wonderful note in coffee we need to know where it came from, how it grew, how it was roasted. Knowing how far coffee goes before it finds itself in our cups we begin to cherish every sip and moment more.

So, without stopping anything more, these are the 10 steps that coffee goes through to be in your cups.

  1. Coffee planting. Coffee bean is actually a seed. If the coffee bean has not passed drying or roasting, it can be planted. Usually coffee beans are initially planted in large troughs, often watered. The seedlings are then transferred to plantations.
  2. Harvest. To harvest a coffee tree, it must grow at least 3-4 years. In time, bright red and orange berries called coffee cherries grow. The crop is usually harvested once a year. This part requires tremendous human effort because not all South American plantations have this process mechanized.
  3. Processing of coffee cherries. After harvesting, it is important to quickly peel all the cherries and remove the coffee beans. Several methods are used for this. Once all the beans are removed, they are left in water for 1-2 days to completely separate the outer layer from the bean.
  4. Bean drying. Drying of coffee beans usually takes place on large platforms before the sun.
  5. Bean selection. The dried beans pass through machines that completely clean them and select so that they are all the right size and weight.
  6. Transportation of coffee beans. Green coffee beans can now travel to different countries, to different roasters. Green coffee beans from Colombia, Brazil, Peru, El Salvador also arrive at the Lapino Roaster where we take care of the further process.
  7. Coffee tasting. Each roaster must ensure that the beans that arrive are of good quality. Likewise, the roaster wants to make sure that the darkness and method of roasting they use meets the standards. This step is therefore so important that each packet of roasted large quantities of coffee would be identical, high quality and delicious.
  8. Coffee roasting. Lapino Roastery takes care of this process. With one of the most modern coffee roasters "COFFEED", we roast each coffee packet differently. The roasting temperature and time of coffee beans vary. The green coffee beans in the machine are always stirred to prevent burning and browning evenly.
  9. Coffee making and drinking. This last step is a great pleasure for every coffee enthusiast or ordinary lover. Almost everyone has their favorite way of making coffee and ritual. Well, if you haven't discovered yours yet, you can read about the most popular ways to make coffee on our website.
  10. Enjoyment. After making a cup of coffee you just need to relax and enjoy.


We believe that you will now appreciate every sip of coffee even more. Enjoy Lapino Roaster’s most delicious coffee and discover your favorite.